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Bungalo34 | Luxhabitat Dubai

The newest addition to Pearl Beach is reminiscent of a Mediterranean beach bungalow

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Mar 10th, 2023

Fun, bright and colourful, the newest addition to Pearl Beach (previously Nikki Beach) on Pearl Jumeirah island is Bungalo34. We speak to the designer Neydine from Verhaal Studio on the culmination of Dubai's latest Mediterranean dining experience.

Q. What inspired the design for Bungalo34?

Neydine: Verhaal was engaged to re-imagine a beachside bungalow with modern elegance inspired by a bygone era of the Italian, French and Greek Rivieras of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The setting dictated much of the design brief from the Tashas Group, and we had carte blanche on the interior experience. We worked towards creating an easy and relaxed atmosphere with a sophisticated casualness that had to be both artful and flawless in its execution.

Bungalo 34
Bungalo34 LUXHABITAT Dubai
Neydine Verhaal Design Studio
Bungalo34 LUXHABITAT Dubai
Bungalo34 LUXHABITAT Dubai
Bungalo34 LUXHABITAT Dubai

Q: How would you describe the design story for the restaurant?

Neydine: The narrative revolves around creating an authentic beachside escape that captures an old-soul divinity that steers away from the theatrics of the current "dinnertainment" trend in the UAE. The sense of lightness and easy elegance has been reinforced through the selection of a cool material palette alongside curated artworks that adorn the travertine walls. The story is one open for interpretation, it reminds the patrons of a familiar memory of dining with your feet in the sand. A priceless memory that Bungalo34 delivers beautifully well.

We worked with both local and international artisans to create the curated venue. It is important for us to foster local and international relationships with artisans that specialize in their own craft. It gives a layered honesty to the space.

Q: How does Nikki Beach (now Pearl Beach) as a location lend to the design for the space?

Neydine: The experience truly captures a sense of simple elegance that makes a person feel completely at ease. The subtle layering of colour and textures from the intense glossy oranges that fade into subtle neutrals creates a sense of calm serenity that compliments the unique setting overlooking the blue waters of Pearl Beach. Bungalo34 will be there for many decades to come, becoming an institution for the Dubai F&B scene.

All images courtesy Verhaal Design Studio and Tashas Group

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