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The menu: Suave


Inspired by the swinging sixties, Suave provides a cosy, speakeasy vibe and promises a glamorous affair.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Feb 6th, 2023

Retro is clearly in when it comes to Dubai's newest bar openings and Suave is no exception. The speakeasy bar located above Basko retains a 60's vibe with its red velvety seating and ornate chandeliers - it also hosts an impressive cocktail list. Designed by Lazaro Rosa Violan, the space also has an impressive vinyl library. We speak to Florencia Fernandez Beschtedt, Operations Director on the design of the space and what Suave has to offer.

Florencia: The thought process behind Suave’s design was to feel like you are stepping back in time to the swinging sixties era. Designed by Lazaro Rosa Violan, the speakeasy has retro vibes with detailed interiors and exquisite tastes, from the statement piece chandelier-inspired staircase to the premium suede interiors gushing with deep reds and velvet blues. 

The printed carpet flooring also has a retro, old-school feel to it along with the layered tassels that fall from the ceiling. The overall design concept was to create an intimate, artistic feel to the space. The venue is also lined with over 600 vintage records collected over the years, protected behind glass pains. Suave welcomes its guests every weekend to join the party and dance to funky disco tunes.

Suave x Luxhabitat

Florencia: Thinking of how we could connect the restaurant (Basko) to the speakeasy was a real challenge, to begin with. Eventually, we created this mysterious journey of going from a bustling restaurant to a private room between a mirrored stairwell and luxurious red velvet curtains. We wanted Suave to become that exclusive “secret” place of Basko’s that you had to discover. The Chandelier-inspired staircase we felt was the perfect way to exude exclusivity, luxury, and curiosity about what was beyond these stairs. Also, this staircase was created with Instagram in mind and to create something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

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