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Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world in 2023

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world

Here's a list of the priciest cigars that you can find around the world in 2023

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Lifestyle · Feb 6th, 2019

Smoking Cigars is primarily associated with wealth, class and luxury. There is a wide range of cigars that are available and the finest ones are made out of the best tobacco, swathed in exquisite wrappers and hand rolled with the utmost care and precision. 

Therefore, let's have a look at the most expensive ones in the world. Keep in mind that the prices of some of them are likely to break the bank.

1. Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar Usd 1.36 Million Per Cigar

The most expensive cigar in the world: The Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar

For a whopping USD 1.36 million per cigar, the Gurkha Royal Courtesan Cigar is crafted in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Every cigar is meticulously filled with rare Himalayan tobacco, cultivated with Fiji water for a distinctive touch. The cigar is then gracefully wrapped with a gold leaf, secured by a band adorned with dazzling diamonds totaling five carats. To elevate its luxury, it is infused with the prestigious Remy Martin's Black Pearl Louis XIII, valued at $224,000 per bottle. The artisans involved in creating these masterpieces undergo a unique process; they work blindfolded to ensure complete focus and avoid distractions. Moreover, only a select few hand rollers are granted the privilege of crafting these exceptional cigars.

2. Mayan Sicars Usd 507,000

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | mayan sicars
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The most expensive cigar to have ever been purchased is a Mayan Sicar. It costed the buyer USD 507,000 at an auction. The vintage cigar is 600 years old and was found in 2012 in a village in Guatemala. They are well-preserved and can be still smoked. In 2012, a collection of 800 cigars was unearthed along the Guatemalan coast, concealed and securely sealed beneath a cave. This intriguing discovery eventually led to the auction.

The cigars are known to have originated from the Mayan civilisation. The Mayans were known to have very good taste in smokes and began making cigars in the 12th century. It was Christopher Columbus who tried them and carried them to Europe. 

3. Gran Habano No. 5 "El Gigante" Usd 185,000

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Gran Habano No. 5 "El Gigante"
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This is the world's biggest cigar with a ring gauge of 1,920 and was meant to be displayed during trade shows. The amount of tobacco that was used to make it was 1,600 pounds. Initially, priced at USD 200,000 this cigar can be smoked by 40 people at a time. The colossal cigar, measuring nearly 19 feet in length and over 3 feet in width, arrived in a unique carrying case—a round wooden crate resembling an old steam locomotive and weighing 900 pounds.

A wooden carrying case was specially created for this 19 feet long cigar which has the approximate weight of that of 25,000 normal cigars. Though not meant to be sold, it was bought by a cigar enthusiast at USD 185,000.

4. Regius Double Corona Cigar Usd 51,634.20 Per Cigar

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Regius Double Corona Cigar

When you acquire Regius Double Corona cigars, you're not just getting a premium cigar, but also an exclusive trip to the brand's headquarters in Nicaragua. Regius's CEO, Akhil Kapacee, will personally accompany you on a guided tour inside the factory, providing a comprehensive smoking experience. Moreover, the price includes the privilege of customizing 1,000 rolls of your own. These cigars boast medium-bodied and full-flavored notes, ensuring a truly exceptional smoking indulgence.

5. King Of Denmark Usd 4,500 Per Cigar

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | King of Denmark
Photo Credit: Cigar Journal

King of Denmark can be customised according to the buyer's liking. They can choose to add a gold foil with their name inscribed on it and can also add precious metals and diamonds on it. 

Each smoke features a fancy humidor worth USD 8,500 that comes with a crown made of sterling silver and is plated in 24k gold and Swarovski crystals. The humidor is extra and has a price tag of $8,500.

6. Gurkha Black Dragon Usd 1,150 Per Cigar

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Gurkha Black Dragon
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The Gurkha Black Dragon cigars were released in 2006 and are of limited edition and therefore are quite rare. Having a size of 52 inches and a length of 8.5 inches, they come in a chest that is carved from camel bone. The wrapper that wraps them is made from Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. The binder is Cameroon, and the five-year aged filler is Dominican. Each cigar is packed individually in a frosted tube and is then placed in a leather box that has orange velvet layers.

The flavour of each cigar is quite complex that ranges from sour to sweet through its length.

7. Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve Usd 750 Per Cigar

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve
Photo Credit: Cigar Obsession

Less than a hundred boxes of Gurkha His Majesty's Reserve are made each year and a cigar enthusiast will need to preorder them few years beforehand so as to get a taste of them. The size of each cigar is 7.5 × 52 inches. 

The Connecticut Maduro wrapper that it comes with is 15 years old and the Dominican binder and filler are aged for 12 years. The filler is infused with aromatic Louis XIII cognac, giving it a beautiful aroma.

8. Cohiba Behike Usd 450 Per Cigar

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Cohiba Behike
Photo Credit: Cuban Cigars Online

One of the most popular cigar brands in Cuba, Cohiba released this special and limited edition of only 100 boxes featuring 40 cigars each to commemorate their 40th anniversary in 2006. They were all sold out. The Cohiba Behike cigars are grown and blended at El Laguito Cohiba factory and are sized at 52 inches and have a length of 7.5 inches.

The cigar boxes included several varieties coming from the Pinar del Rio and Vuelto regions of Cuba along with a French-made humidor from Elie Blue.

9. Fuente Don Arturo Anniverxario Usd 163

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario
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The Arturo Fuente company, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2001, created this limited edition of cigar boxes called Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario, each containing 46 cigars that are naturally wrapped along with 46 of the Maduro wraps. They were however released for the second time again in 2008. 

The wrappers of each cigar are from the Chateau de la Fuente, where the company began their business back in 1912. They are aged for 7 years and are available in sun grown and natural variety. The humidors can be selected from an option of ebony, maple, sycamore and walnut.

8. Arturo Fuente Opus X Usd 79

Top 10 most expensive cigars in the world | Arturo Fuente Opus X
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Available in most of the prestigious cigar stores in the world, Arturo Fuente Opus X was released in 2003 as a 10th-anniversary edition cigar. It is the brightest cigar with a size of 9 ¼ x 47 inches. The cigars feature a mild jalapeno flavour. 

They come with Rosado wrapper which is grown upon the amazing plantation, Chateau de la Fuente. The wrappers, binders and fillers of the cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. Many consider this cigar to be the epitome of perfection in the cigar world. It achieves this status through a distinct blend of Fuente tobaccos, resulting in a harmonious combination of smooth and bold flavors. The addition of the exclusive Opus X wrapper tobacco lends a sweet and lingering fullness to the overall taste. Noteworthy for its flawless construction, this cigar is a testament to a century of expertise and tradition in the art of cigar making.