Top 5 Indian Homes

Top 5 Indian Homes

Bring in this Diwali at a stunning Indian styled home at the most exclusive location, Emirates Hills.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Portfolio · Nov 11th, 2015

Celebrating the festival of lights with a home lit with wonder this auspicious season. Equipped with a home to entertain and exuding warmth, your guests will revel in the beauty that surrounds them, spreading good vibes throughout the household. Most of these homes are Vaastu-compliant and are reflective of the luxurious lifestyle wealthy Indian residents experience while living in Dubai. 

1) HT Sector, Emirates Hills

This exquisite villa provides plenty of entertainment space and stunning views

Exquisite to say the least, this villa in HT Sector, Emirates Hills is stunning to say the least. Expansive at 26,000 square feet, it hosts a private elevator and plenty of spaces to entertain and delight guests of all ages. The parking alone can accommodate up to four cars for motorheads. The pool overlooks the rolling greens and the villa comes with several upgrades.

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2) E Sector, Emirates Hills

Feel right at home in Emirates Hills

With a focus of hospitality at the crux of every Indian home, being lavish comes as a given. With luxurious rugs and a pop of colour, this home celebrates the vibrance of India along with an Al Hambra style. At night, the garden has bespoke coloured illuminations and the frangipani is noticeably fragrant. 

3) P Sector, Emirates Hills

A contemporary style spans this Indian home

For those that enjoy subtlety and have a contemporary taste, this home in Emirates Hills have subtle flashes of Indian culture with special attention paid to details. Created in a contemporary style this beautiful home is a credit to its current owners, with remarkable golf and lake views along with an in-house cinema and children's play area.

4) E Sector, Emirates Hills

An opulence your guests will never forget

Brimming with regality, this beautifully crafted home is nothing short of opulent. Using high quality furnishings, no expense has been spared throughout the household, with intricate finishing. Three large family rooms flow directly to a formal dining area and show kitchen. If you're a fan of seeing your guests awe-inspired, look no short of this remarkable home in Emirates Hills.

5) L Sector, Emirates Hills

The most expensive villa this year

For those that enjoy getting an accolade along with their property, this exquisite villa at Emirates Hills is the clear winner. Listed as the most expensive home in Dubai, it boasts exquisite contemporary modern architecture with traditional notes. Incredible bespoke crystal chandeliers grace the entrance with custom cold cathode cove lighting throughout.