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Top interior design trends for 2019

Top interior design trends for 2019

Design Haus Medy shares their top trends for 2019

Words by Medy Navani, CEO, Design Haus Medy in Design & Architecture · Dec 10th, 2018

Where has 2018 gone? With 2019 already fast approaching it is the moment to start thinking about those New Year resolutions and this also means it is the perfect time for a refurbishment for a new year, new start. There are already budding trends that are looking to take the interiors world by storm. Here, Medy Navani, Founder and Creative Director of Design Haus Medy, provides his key thoughts on the top interior trends set for 2019 and how you can incorporate them into your home.

Minimalism With Vertical Usage

Top interior design trends for 2019

It has become more on trend to live in stylish apartments within the city rather than in townhouses found in the suburbs. As the spaces we are living in are smaller, it is important to focus on minimalism whilst furnishing. Make every square meter count and combine simplicity and multi-functionality by placing vertical decor to increase space and the living proximity within the home. By incorporating vertical areas into the design, it will provide extra space within the room for added comfort, as well as provide a unique aesthetic.

Multi Purpose Furniture

Multifunctional pieces are the perfect interior design hack. Not only can they reduce the number of items in a room, but they also provide several uses to increase functionality. Sofa beds are a great choice to incorporate a living room and bedroom into one. It allows you to have somewhere comfortable to sit should you have guests and just as easily converts into a bed in the evening. Another great idea is to have an ottoman that has built-in storage for items you do not need to use every day, such as extra blankets, books or magazines.

Indoor Greenery

Top interior design trends for 2019

As many of us spend the majority of our days cooped up in the office, we are missing the natural elements within our lives. Breathe life into the home with the use of plants and flowers, providing a natural greenery that instantly brightens the room. Aside for the usual flowers in a vase, go for bold options, such as large potted plants in the corner or a wall climbing plant. Alternatively, try placing flora on shelves or hanging from the wall or ceiling for a chic and unique way of displaying them. By including greenery into your indoor design, it will provide your home with a calm and peaceful energy.

Matte Black

The colour for the upcoming year is definitely matte black, especially when you combine it with high-shine features, such as brass. The matte element provides a perfect canvas for the shine of metals, increasing glamour and elegance within the home. Make a statement with a feature wall, tiling, or by incorporating the colour through appliances and fixtures, such as kitchen taps or lamp shades.

Good Bye Walls, Hello Open Spaces

We all love to feel free and that is exactly why we are more comfortable in open spaces. Increase room sizes by simply knocking down walls, such as between the living room and den to create a larger family room or the office and bedroom to design a walk in wardrobe. Alternatively, if you have external space around the property, think about renovating outwards to expand.