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How do you get citizenship by investment?

Dubai-based RIF Trust takes you through citizenship by investment in other countries.

Words by RIF Trust in The Guides · Jun 15th, 2017

Citizenship by Investment enables high profile investors to acquire an additional nationality by making an exceptional economic contribution to another country or to invest in a real estate/shares/business project. RIF TRUST programs in portfolio allow applicants to include family members, travel visa free to more than 130 countries. RIF TRUST has specialised in exclusive signature Real Estate projects, mostly in the Caribbean and Europe exceeding expectations of high net worth individual taste and interest.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Citizenship By Investment

1. Protect Your Life

Imagine you could choose the most peaceful country in the world to live in. What a luxury! Peace, according to the UN definition, is the absence of war, violence, low military spending, levels of policing, organised crime, and the application of democratic government.

2. Protect Your Assets

When you work so hard to make your business flourish, and half of your incomes are vanishing due to the tax regime of your country. When you observe that other doors are open to economic treaties and make your business easier.

3. Get The Lifestyle You Deserve

Being able to jump into a plane for an important meeting, taking your family on vacation anywhere at the last minute. Offer your kids the highest education level. Receive universal healthcare. Eliminate headaches of visa process.

Benefits Of Investing In A Second Passport:

1. Travel anywhere last minute 

2.  Include your family members

3. Give your children the best opportunities

4. Receive the best healthcare 

5. Grow your business and protect your assets 

6. Dual citizenship is more than a second passport

Riftrust's Dna

RIFTRUST provides only programs supported by governments and we are dealing with our governmental partners with no intermediaries. This allows us to provide the most competitive prices and the best conditions for our clients. Along with that, our connection with the governmental bodies of respective countries guarantees security and ensures trust. 

 RIF TRUST team uses an extensive network of the finest immigration lawyers in each of its respective country program, who holds the strongest relationships at governmental level. This means we are able to handle complex scenarios and answer concerns with authorities on the spot. 

Words From The Experts

''We are helping our clients to choose the right Citizenship or residency program. Having a dual nationality or being a permanent resident of a ''strong'' country, gives opportunities opens borders and restores freedom of action that are obstacles to our life's highest potential. We have seen the demand for second passport growing significantly in the last 4 years, and we can clearly observe how it has changed the life of our clients and their families'' Said Mimoun Assraoui, CEO of RIF TRUST. ''Citizenship is a very sensitive industry, the key to our success is based on trust, constant business intelligence as well as placing our client's best interest first''. Added David Regueiro, RIF TRUST's Managing partner.