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6 schools and nurseries in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Schools & nurseries in JGE

Your guide to the best education options in Jumeirah Golf Estates

Words by Ruqayyah Khan in The Guides · Mar 4th, 2018

The luxurious Mediterranean villas of Jumeirah Golf Estates and the area’s tranquil surroundings make it perfect for families. This community is also any golf lover’s dream come true. With element-themed golf courses, a clubhouse, restaurants, and a spa, Jumeirah Golf Estates brings the ultimate lifestyle right to your doorstep. Whilst schools remain a 15-minute drive away from the community, there are plenty of options available for residents to ensure their children receive a high-quality education.

1. Victory Heights Primary School

Victory Heights Primary School is closest in proximity to Jumeirah Golf Estates. Located in Dubai Sports City, this school offers the British National Curriculum and has continued an upward slope since its beginnings in 2013. VHPS is lauded for strong student-teacher relationships and the care given to students. The student-to-teacher ratios in both the Foundation Stage and Primary mean that every child gets the time and attention they need. Fees range from approximately AED 38,222 to AED 51,121 per year, depending on the year level. 

T: +971 4 423 1100

2.Bradenton Prep Academy

Also located in Dubai Sports City, Bradenton Prep Academy offers an American curriculum, and is thought of as a hidden gem by parents of attending students. According to inspection by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the school has a dedicated and caring staff, and excellent communication practices. In addition to its own resources for sports, arts, and extra-curricular activities, the school also has access to the facilities of Dubai Sports City. The fees range from around AED 33,588 to AED 79,258 per year, according to the grade. 

T: +971 4 818 3600

Schools in Jumeirah Golf Estates

3. Sunmarke School

Established in 2016, Sunmarke School follows the British National Curriculum and is located in Jumeirah Village Triangle. The school’s first ever KHDA inspection earned it a ‘Good’ rating, great news for a new school and a sign of even better things to come. The school employs Positive Education (PosEd) approach to help their students attain the best results possible. With everything from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) all the way to Year 13, parents in the area have a comprehensive and encouraging option for their kids. Depending on the year level, fees range from approximately AED 48,722 to AED 82,129 per year. 

T: +971 4 423 8900

4. The Arcadia Preparatory School

List of schools and nurseries in and around Jumeirah Golf Estates

The Arcadia Preparatory School is another UK National Curriculum school in Jumeirah Village Triangle. The school currently covers the years from EYFS to Year 4, with plans for a secondary school under way. Arcadia has a strong focus on teaching IT and coding, and is an Apple School with every child receiving an iPad to help their learning. The school building itself is cleverly designed, taking advantage of a relatively smaller space to include everything from a dance studio to a temperature-controlled swimming pool and roof-top play area. With an open plan library, IT suites, and more, along with bright classrooms and intuitive teaching aids, children are set to hit the ground running and get the most out of their learning experiences. Fees at Arcadia range from around AED 64,413 to AED 89,463 per year. 

T: +971 4 552 2600

5. The Wonder Years Nursery

The Wonder Years Nursery, located in Dubai Sports City, offers the British EYFS curriculum. The nursery admits children from 6 months to 4 years of age, and has a learning structure with developmental milestones taken fully into account. The Wonder Years Nursery also offers Arabic and Spanish classes as enriching after-school activities. Fees range from AED 2,850 - 34,950 per year, depending on the hours and days chosen. 

T: +971 4 368 5600

6. Jumeirah International Nursery

Jumeirah International Nursery has three branches, with one in Jumeirah Village Circle on the same campus as Sunmarke School. This is another nursery that follows the British EYFS curriculum. Children are taught through the a trademarked MultiSmart Learning approach, and Jumeirah International Nursery also has an Individual Needs Policy. The nursery also aims to maintain strong relationships with parents though an app, workshops and activities to continually improve communication and parental involvement. Fees range from approximately AED 700 to AED AED 21,638 per term, depending on the hours and days. 

T: +971 4 423 8910