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Alexa, hear me out

Amazon Echo

All you've heard about the Amazon Echo is true, its possibilities are endless.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Apr 2nd, 2019

The Amazon Echo is one of the most unique pieces of home automation technology that you could ever have. This smartphone meets speaker system is capable of doing a wide range of functions, whether it is to play music, storytell to your children and more. Here are some of the ways you can enhance your home using this handy gadget:

1. Secure Your Home

Using Alexa’s Away mode will stimulate a conversation, thus keeping robbers away. You can program it to act as an eclectic cast of characters including an overly technical space-pirate roleplay game, a mother attempting to assemble Ikea furniture and a would-be podcaster. Browse more home security solutions here.

2. Wake Up To Your Favorite Song

Delegate the task away from your phone and on to Alexa to wake you up every morning grooving to your favourite music. You can also wake up to your favorite podcast, the radio, or even a particular music genre.

3. Voice Gaming

You can also play your favorite videogames on the XBox by commanding Alexa to turn your device on and off, adjusting the volume, launching games as well as capturing screens.

4. Grape Assistance

Got guests over for dinner? Alexa can also help you select your beverage of choice paired along with certain foods thanks to the Wine Finder app.

5. Work Out

If you want to get a quick workout done, Alexa has the ability to run a quick 7-minute workout so you can get your sweat on for the day. The virtual assistant will suggest reportedly tested exercises that will increase your metabolism, improve your energy and burn fat.

6. Relax & unwind

Alexa can hold & mediate meditation sessions that will prove beneficial to you . You can pick from ambient rhythms as well as a guided meditation that will let you start the day right or even unwind.