Bliss on the Edge of Town

Bliss on the Edge of Town

This green haven offers every imaginable convenience - and it's so close to the city too

Words by Kelly Marie Mackinnon in Neighbourhoods · Mar 9th, 2014

Arabian Ranches from afar looks like the perfect 'family' community - and it really is - but what most people don't know is that it also caters for the rest of us.

Having lived in Dubai for more than six years, from JBR to villas in Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches is definitely where I want to stay - it's so nice to live where you're not surrounded by building work. The area also has a modern and trendy twist that has come as a pleasant surprise to me. I work in fashion and media, so I'm very attuned to that sort of thing. Since I founded my business, Lush a modelling agency and events management group - I have been working very long hours, and it's bliss to come home to such a serene haven.

Dubai is so built-up, but here it's perfect for children and animals - my two dogs love their daily walks (and so do I!) as we have specially designated walk ways, grass and even doggy-poop bins! You just wouldn't get that in the Marina or Downtown.

I hear a lot of people say, "Oh I couldn't live at the Ranches, it's miles away," when in fact it's a mere 15-minute drive from the marina and downtown. Although the convenience of the Ranches means you really never need to leave it, except for work. Most villas, like mine in mirador, have their own pools, and, for those that don't, the community pools are immaculate and there is one on every corner. The community shopping centre offers pet shops, bookshops, music shops and a travel agent. one of the downsides, though, is for my waistline: there are so many yummy eateries at Arabian Ranches, the temptation is too great!

On the flip side, it couldn't be easier to keep fit, as it has bike paths, running tracks and little parks where you will find regular boot camp-style classes being held. The fitness club at the golf club also offers daily classes.

Talking of which, Arabian Ranches Golf Club is one of the friendliest places i've been to and its great for a drink with the girls, a family meal or a good breakfast after a late night. And, of course, it's ideal for golfers. I'm more of a horsey person and often pop over the road to the Polo Club to enjoy a ride, followed by one the spa's amazing massage treatments.

Despite there being a school within the Ranches community, there is never a problem with traffic - and the only time parking is an issue is at prayer time on Fridays, when the local mosque gets very busy. But it's nice have a mosque in the neighbourhood.

I cannot think of one downside to living here and I guarantee that if, like me, you start off by renting here, you will end up buying.