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Car Clubs in the UAE

Car Clubs in the UAE

Make the most of your vehicle with fellow motorheads

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Lifestyle · Mar 17th, 2020

Ferrari Owners Club Uae

Owing to the increasing number of Ferrari cars in the UAE, The Ferrari Owners Club currently hosts as many as  170 members and partners. They represent a significant percentage of Ferrari cars in the UAE. They are offered a range of family-oriented social events along with some on-track racing opportunities. The members are complemented with organised gatherings held across the UAE, the highlight being the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix. Administered by a volunteer board of directors who are responsible for coordinating all events and activities throughout the year.

T: +971 56 446 7931/ E: [email protected]

Maserati Owners Club Uae

Maserati Owners was established in 2014 in order to foster, the experience of ownership of Maserati motor vehicles in the UAE. It is open to all owners who have a passion for the car's brand and its rich history and are looking forward to socialising with like-minded people and become a part of the Maserati lifestyle. The club organises social display events, driving, track days within the UAE, weekend getaway driver to a number of hotels. 

E: [email protected]

The Lamborghini Club Arabia

Owning a Lamborghini not only takes a lot of means, but also takes skills, enthusiasm, and appreciation for cars in general. The official club of Lamborghini owners in the Middle East, The Lamborghini Club of Arabia, also has a chapter in the UAE. It offers a platform for Lamborghini owners in the region to embody love for the brand. 

 T: +973 1711 2588/ E: [email protected]

Bentley Drivers Club Uae

Bentley Drivers Club was founded by enthusiasts and is a loved meeting point where they can share the love for the super brand. It was in 1936 when Bentley drivers attended a race at the legendary Brooklands track in Surrey and decided to form the club. The club has branches in different parts of the world that include Dallas, Tokyo, Cape Town and Cambodia. It is also the club that is most closely affiliated with Bentley Motors. 

E: [email protected]

Porsche Club Uae

Established in April 1998, Porsche Club UAE caters to the needs and interests of Porsches in the UAE. It offers its members with highest standard of courtesy and safety on the roads. They also enjoy the goodwill and fellowship and mutually beneficial relationships with the brand, dealers and other service sources. They can also exchange ideas with other Porsche Clubs throughout the world. It is an ideal platform to meet new people and have fun with the supercars. 

E: [email protected]

The Motorhub

A supercar and sportscar community in the UAE and the GCC, The MotorHub Community provides a platform for engagement and exclusive experiences for the community in the UAE. It was launched on 1st December 2018 & is rapidly rising to be one of the most popular car clubs in the UAE.

T: +971 50 321 6661/ W: