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Interior design studio Meyers Davis give us a closer look on their plans for the exciting Jumeirah development.

Words by Aneesha in Portfolio · Nov 7th, 2021

New York-based design boutique Meyers Davis reveals their design approach for Mr.C Residences in our latest edition of 'The Design House'. Designed keeping a nautical luxury yacht theme, Will Meyer and Gray Davis talk about creating an ode to Dubai's history and bridging it with a contemporary touch through technology. 

Meyer Davis: We’ve been designing in Dubai for over a decade, and the first impressions of Dubai was this muscular, magical city. It’s special because it’s on the water, and it’s magical because there are so many nationalities there and it’s a real melting pot. But what makes Mr. C Residences special is that the scale of it is smaller and more intimate, and it offers a much more discreet, luxurious residence than most properties in Dubai that we’ve ever seen.

It’s more like a home. It’s filled with beautiful materiality and things that you don’t normally see in Dubai. We’ve carefully selected stones and beautiful wood veneers and metals that go together and beautiful assembly of details that create that sense of home and the building being only six stories high has a scale that is more compatible to luxury and feels more like a home? One interesting thing about the building is that the beautiful architecture of Arquitectonica responds directly to the canal and the Twisted Bridge that is adjacent to it.

Mr C Residences JUmeirah | Luxhabitat
Kitchen Mr C Residences Jumeirah | Luxhabitat
Kitchen at Mr C Residences Jumeirah
Dressing room Mr C Residences Jumeirah

Meyer Davis: Throughout the project the details support the water bound theme of luxury yacht design. Wood soffits in the balconies add warmth and a residential touch to the nautical message. So do the circular guardrails that follow the fluid form of the building. The soft forms imply a relaxed mood reflecting the idea of a resort nestled in the city.

Arrival is through a generous porte cochère. It leads to a lobby that reveal views of the canal. Adjacent is the Bellini cafe that also opens to the promenade.

All the residences have private access elevators. All residences in the main building have views of the water face the canal and pool deck. The units stretch from one side of the building to the other allowing for multiple views and cross ventilation. The ellipse tower units are unique as they enjoy full panoramic views. Along the boardwalk townhouses provide a home in a privileged setting on the water.

The amenity deck is unique as it faces both the Burj Dubai and the water. The expansive deck slides under the building to create a monumental deck and porch. It provides a unique resort experience in a boutique setting.


Meyer Davis: The old-world legacy of Mr C elicits a sense of service and luxury the way that it always has. So, when you bring that to such a modern city like Dubai and a special property, that’s the scale of Mr. C Residences Jumeirah, you get that sense of being taken care of that you really don’t get in any other properties. It takes a brand like Mr. C and a building like our building to bring that level of luxury and service. So, we’ve integrated smart living throughout the property. We have an app on your phone. You can cool your apartment down; you can heat up your pool. You can order what you want from Bellini Café, you have everything at your fingertips. And we’ve integrated that thoroughly and the most contemporary technology for the users to get the most out of life.

Mr. C Residences Jumeirah is special because they accommodate a luxury that is discreet and private. Unlike many of the other residences in the city, these are bespoke and private, and they’re different in terms of the way they’re designed and detailed with luxurious materials, special gardens, amazing views, and a discreet luxury which is unrivaled in the market.

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