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Embracing glamping

African tent in desert

Luxury glamping takes over in typical five star fashion in the Middle East

Words by Hud Hud Travels in The Lifestyle · Jun 3rd, 2018

Elaborate rooms, high-end dining options and a butler in the middle of the desert tent are fast becoming the norm for luxury travellers. The new-age millennial traveller now seeks a middle ground between the great outdoors amongst nature and understated luxury. Luxury desert glamping seekers in the UAE can now rejoice and enjoy this experience not too far away from home, thanks to Hud Hud Travels. 

 Oman is a country blessed by stunning nature, ranging from the Hajar Mountains that rise to almost 3,000m to the Wahiba and Empty Quarter deserts and thousands of miles of coastline. Hud Hud was set up because there was no way to experience this beauty and these remote locations in style. The company allows the discerning traveller to access parts of the country that are hard to get to in comfort. This might be a remote location within the desert that is well away from the light pollution of streets and villages; or a distant beach that is a private beach for the night, frequented only by migratory birds and abundant sealife. 

Curated itineraries that hold much more importance to today’s modern day luxury travellers can be included. Your itinerary has the flexibility to incorporate trekking, climbing, caving, biking if that’s your passion. Hud Hud can also arrange for experts such as historians, botanists, archaeologists and astronomers to provide a really meaningful, enhanced experience. 

Beach majlis

In addition to stunning nature, Oman has a deep and fascinating history, much of which is still in evidence today. The geological historical timeframe goes back millions of years and is on full display in the deep canyons and gorges for all to see. Human history can also be seen in the 3,000-year-old ‘beehive’ tombs that scatter the countryside. More recently, the coast of Dhofar in the south talks of the final stages of the Dhofari war and the north about the Jebel Akhdar war. The mountainous villages still retain life that has remained unchanged for centuries: farmers tend their fields and the ladies look after the goats that roam the barren hills. It’s a moment worth experiencing away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

 Unique glamping opportunities often involve setting up private camps, complete with chef and camp manger, waiters and three-course meals, proper beds and mattresses and a sumptuous majlis tent in which to relax. These remote private camps enable guests to be at the best place for a given event or simply to be in the most remote areas in order to appreciate the silence, the solitude and the breathtaking desert night skies. 

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