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Everything you need to know about relocating to Dubai

Relocation to Dubai: Everything you need to know

A conclusive checklist of 5 things to keep in mind before moving to Dubai.

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Guides · Mar 7th, 2018

Dubai is a melting point of different cultures from around the world. Its entire population approximately constitutes of 80 percent of expats, who get attracted to the Middle Eastern paradise owing to the high end lifestyle and tax-free income that it has on offer. Every year, Dubai welcomes millions of people from across the world, who make it their home.

While moving to a new place is very exciting, it can be quite stressful and daunting as well.  A lot is needed to be taken to consideration while doing so, especially if you are relocating along with your family and children. Conducting an in-depth research from credible sources regarding the do's and don'ts and lifestyle about the place is an important step before relocating. If you are planning to relocate to Dubai, Luxhabitat's guide will help you through the process. 

1. Employment

In order to be allowed to stay in Dubai, it is important for one to be employed. Therefore, if you are aspiring to move into the country, you are recommended to land a job prior to your arrival. The job hunting process can be done from your home country through job portals on the internet or with the help of local recruiters. 

You can also choose to invest in a property or start a business in Dubai, that will enable you to apply for an investor visa. 

2. Residency

Dubai gives its residents the option to rent as well as own properties to live in. While owning a property is restricted to the freehold communities across the city, renting a space is quite easy and can be done according to the choice of the residents. 

You can choose to rent or buy either an apartment or a villa, according to your choice and suitability. Apartments are found more in number and are also cheaper when compared to villas and townhouses. You are advised to opt for a community that involves less commute to workplaces, schools and public transportation, so as to save time which you would otherwise waste while driving in traffic. 

Renting a property, requires an employment visa as well as a bank account. Tenants are generally required to pay 1 to 4 post-dated cheques while renting a property. 

3. Culture

Dubai is one of the most liberal and tolerant places in Arab world. The official religion of Dubai is Islam and all residents, irrespective of their faith are expected to respect the local culture and tradition. 

You are recommended to brace yourselves with the local laws prior to moving in to the country so as to not land yourself in legal trouble. It is illegal for unrelated and unmarried individuals to share a living space. In order to consume, purchase, serve and possess alcohol, one should have an liquor licence. Muslims are however not allowed to deal with alcohol. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims observe fast by not consuming food and drinks and by not smoking cigarettes during the daylight hours. Non-muslims are also required to adhere by these rules while in public as a respect to the local culture. Dressing modestly is also a part of the local tradition which you are expected to follow. 

4. Bringing In Pets

A lot of you might have furry four-legged family members whom you would never want to leave behind while relocating to another country. In order to bring in your pets to Dubai, you would require to get an Import Permit beforehand. 

You are also recommended to look for pet friendly communities while choosing a home, so that you don't end up facing trouble later. 

5. Schools

Dubai has on offer a vast number of schools and nurseries that follow different curricula right from pre-school to high school diploma level. The range of curricula include Indian, UK, USA, Canada, amongst others. 

While choosing a school for your young ones, you should only opt for the ones that have KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) approval. You are also recommended to conduct a thorough research beforehand and choose the school that suits your budget as schools in Dubai are generally quite expensive.