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The Farm, Al Barari

Photo Credit: The Farm

Relaxing dining experience amidst the beauty of nature

Words by Ankita Bhowmick in The Lifestyle · Nov 20th, 2017

Situated in the green community of Al Barari, a unique concept restaurant, The Farm sets itself apart from all other restaurants in Dubai owing to its enchanting setting. The indoor and outdoor has been designed in a way to complement the surrounding natural environment, providing a stunning backdrop. Be it the comfortable bistro-style indoor seating or the music inspired by nature, every small detail about the restaurant has been designed in a way in order to offer the customers with a tranquil dining experience. 

The culinary, leisure and social 'hub', that the restaurant describes itself as, treats its customers with high-quality, wholesome food, the flavours of which are inspired from Thai and Mediterranean to Middle Eastern, Indian and Asian. Claimed to be sourced from reputable suppliers, only the finest gourmet ingredients are used in the preparation of the food, most of which are organic. Catering to a wide variety of dietary requirement, the restaurant serves items that are gluten-free, Paleo, vegetarian and vegan. They also have a special menu for children. Bread and pastries are baked in-house. 

Photo Credit: The Farm

The interiors have been especially designed in a way that fuse indoor and outdoor space. The main building is surrounded by a lawn and green areas and the restaurant is divided into six sections, one indoor and five outdoor. Two of five outdoor sections are enclosed with removable glass panels during the summer. The Farm also features an outdoor seating area on a deck that is suspended over a lake.

Being temperature controlled, the outdoor sections can be dined in not just in winters but throughout the year, which adds to the uniqueness to this leisurely oasis. 

Photo Credit: The Farm

Besides dining in, customers can also purchase a variety of organic groceries and niche items from their retail area. Commodities like imported sparkling water, ready- to-drink flavoured organic iced teas, organic rice milk, freshly baked items like sweet almond croissants and crusty baguette, pure bottled organic pressed juices, are among some of the products that are available.

In order to meet the entertainment needs of the customers, The Farm offers social activities such as jazz nights, traditional markets, film screenings, theme nights and afternoon tea.

One can use this venue for private events such as weddings, baby showers, parties, food tastings, product launches, photo and video shoots, movie screenings etc. The restaurant is big enough to host events for up to 350 people.

Photo Credit: The Farm