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The Most Luxurious Solo Holidays Destinations To Consider


Discover some of the best luxury holiday destinations to consider travelling to if you're a solo traveller.

Words by Supplied in The Lifestyle · Dec 16th, 2019

Whether you have been thinking about taking a solo cruise along the Zambezi or a private charter jet to Monaco for the weekend, here's a list of the top 6 solo holiday destinations for you to consider travelling to by yourself.

1. Visit Monaco


Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. Solo travelling here is perfectly safe, however as there are so many millionaires around, we recommend you keep your valuables close. It's close to the French Riviera so you could also enjoy a day out in Nice which isn't too far away.

There is a dress code in Monaco, so if you aren't on the beach, it's best to make sure you don't walk around barefoot, and you don't leave without putting your actual clothes back on.  

5 Activities For Solo Travellers In Monaco:

1. Go to see the Grand Prix 

2. Visit the casinos 

3. Spend time at the beach 

4. Take a trip on a private yacht 

5. Visit Monaco Cathedral

2. Explore The Arctic

Arctic travel

The Arctic is a great destination to visit if you are travelling solo. It has been open for tourists to visit for more than 25 years, but remains one of the most untouched continents on the planet. With hundreds of solo travellers visiting the Arctic each year, it's no surprise that you'll make a ton of new friends. You'll see sights you've only ever dreamt of seeing and put Attenborough to shame with your newly captured footage of whales, seals and enormous icebergs. The Arctic is a bucket list destination and a highly recommended place for solo travellers because the crime rate here is virtually non-existent.

5 Activities For Solo Travellers In The Artic:

1. Seeing the icebergs

2. Watching the sunset 

3. Watching seals on the ice sheets and whales in the distance 

4. Bird watching 

5.  Hiking the glaciers 

3. Visit Dubai


Dubai is a great destination to travel to on your own, the safe city offers spectacular shopping, incredible hotel stays, the famous Palm Jumeirah and so many activities that you can enjoy without having to have anyone by your side. From indoor skiing to skydiving, Dubai has it all and more.

Lavish, enjoyable indulgence with sand, sunshine, great cuisine and some of the best facilities and amenities in the world. Fast cars can be hired and you could drive around the city in your favourite sports car and swap it whenever you like, you could never get bored in Dubai. It’s a playground for the rich and famous but one that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. 

4.Cruise Solo Along The Zambezi River In South Africa

Zambezi river cruise

Visit the Zambezi river, take a sunset cruise and enjoy a helicopter flight over the victoria falls. Take a traditional canoe to see the game in the early morning and enjoy the sights, tastes and sounds of both Zimbabwe and Botswana. A truly unique and memorable way to experience South Africa.

5. Travel Through Italy On An E Bike

Tuscany, Italy

Are you an older traveller in search of some action and adventure? You can explore the Tuscan countryside with its castles and endless fields of olive trees. This adventurous break is not for gym buddies but for cycling at a calm pace for around three hours taking in the beauty of the areas.

6. Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia, Greece

A safe and quiet greek island away from the busy capital of Athens, Kefalonia is like a tropical island that has been dropped in the Ionian sea. With some of the best beaches in the world and beaches from movie sets such as Captain Corelli, this island is a perfect first-time solo traveller. From feeding turtles in the bay of Argostoli to wine tasting in one of the many historical vineyards, there is something for everyone.

There are many safe places to explore caves, mountains to hike and spectacular beaches to unwind on.

The relaxed and laid back atmosphere is great for more mature travellers who are seeking a relaxing yet cultural trip with an insight into how real greek villagers live and what a beautiful untouched greek island looks like. Kefalonia is a lovely place to start your solo travelling adventures and is what we would call a much-undiscovered paradise within easy reach.

5 Of The Best Places To Visit While Solo Travelling In Kefalonia, Greece

1. Argostoli Beach 

2. Myrtos Beach 

3. Melissani Cave 

4. Mount Ainos 

5. Drogarati Cave 

It is essential to consider your safety when travelling overseas, especially when travelling alone. Check the government's travel information about specific countries and areas to check for local issues, health concerns, political issues, risk of terrorism and crimes, especially against foreign nationals. Keep your belongings close to you or in a very safe place when you are out and about and make sure you have a backup source of funding in case you lose your cards or money.