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Urban Sanctuary

Urban Sanctuary

Located within the financial district of Tokyo, the Aman Tokyo is a contemporary delight.

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Sep 16th, 2015

Clean lines and seamless architecture are the two main points that come to mind when you visit the Aman Tokyo hotel. The first vertical hotel from the brand, it is located in the financial district of Otemachi. The hotel occupies the top six floors of the Otemachi Tower from the 33rd to the 38th floor, making it perfect for business travellers. Steps away from the Tokyo station, it enables you to connect to other areas of the city just as easily. Those with a penchant for fashion will delight in the fact that the Ginza shopping district is only a few  minutes away, where they can access high-end retail stores such as Burberry.

The tranquil lobby hosts a lantern like effect with screens that diffuse sunlight

Quintessentially Japanese meets contemporary, the hustle of the district is quickly lost in tranquility. On entry, the lobby puts you in a zen mode almost immediately, with its sheer sense of peace and space. The double-heighted 30m tall lobby with earthy botanical accents soothe the soul. At the entrance, you will be entranced by the 'Otemachi Forest,' which features 186 trees and 18 species as well as almost 600 shrubs and bushes leading on to the cafe. Designed by Kerry Hill, this property creates the feel of a corporate jungle where sleek sophistication from the board rooms meet nature. The reception desk is carved out of a 250-year-old camphor tree, adding to the overall feel of the zen garden you have just entered. At the centre, you will see a shining example of the Japanese method of flower arrangement called ikebana. It's beautiful white flowers carry a pristine quality.

The stunning deluxe suite at Aman Tokyo

There are 81 suites that span the hotel; some of which offer amazing views of the Tokyo Skytree and Imperial Palace Gardens. Before you enter the room, keep up with the Japanese tradition of removing your shoes and slipping on the plush slippers provided by the hotel. As you enter the room, be prepared to be awed by the sheer  level of perfection and symmetry that surrounds you. Made to appear like a very high-end ryokan, the flooring is of light pine. Reminiscent of Japanese architectural traditions, you will see a long daybed and tokonoma, a raised platform that runs the length of the floor-to-ceiling window, similar to an engawa, or indoor veranda.

The skyline views from the bath infused with yuzu

The bathroom is separated by white shoji screens that give way to a rectangular furo (Japanese bathtub). Made of black basalt, you can feel the pressures of the day melt away as you relax aided by the infusing of  aromatic bags of fresh yuzu and revel in the views of the city. Revel in the Japanese experience as you pick out a yukata (Japanese kimono) and recline.  Other Japanese touches in the room include abstract calligraphy scrolls, tatami mats, ceramics and wooden boxes containing freshly-cut winter fruits.

The remarkable pool shows you sights of snow capped mountains

The 34th floor swimming pool at Aman Tokyo is definitely something everyone can regale in. Made out of basalt, you will be simply amazed by the views. Breathtaking views surround you with its double heighted ceiling windows; everytime you come up to take some air, you will be blessed with the snowy mountain peaks visible in the distance. At this level, the Tokyo skyline remains completely missing, which is an architectural feat in itself.

The ambient lighting at the Fumidor

The Aman spa is gargantuan and spans two floors . Soothing to say the least, the highlights include a soothing onsen-style stone bath with skyline views and rejeuvenating massages inspired by seasonal herbs and traditional Japanese kampo medicine. For gastronomes, head on over to the 33rd floor restaurant to be treated to an array of European dishes with a Japanese twist. Some of the signature dishes include Hokkaido scallops and sea urchins with Bottarga organic greens to French foie gras with Tokyo shiitake mushrooms.

Aided by the five star service staff, it is relatively difficult to sum up an experience in Aman Tokyo. Perfection is the first that comes to mind.

Address: Aman Tokyo, The Otemachi Tower, 1-5-6 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

How to get there: Emirates Airlines offers two direct flights to Tokyo daily.