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5 affordable luxury interior design ideas

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Got luxury tastes but no luxury budget to match it? Here are a few changes you can make to give your home a luxe look

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · Aug 7th, 2018

Affordable luxury is somewhat of an overused phrase, especially when it comes to Dubai real estate. If you ask an overtly frank interior designer, they might just roll their eyes at you. In fact, many of them will say it's people going cheap on luxury items.

I like to describe affordable luxury as selecting pieces that wouldn't look out of place from a luxury home, but not necessarily a knock off piece. It's a design that flatters and brings up the value of the home with minimal effort & costs. Here's how you can achieve this.

1. Less Is More

Today's modern luxury is minimalism in every aspect in your life. As the world moves more towards focusing on experiences, material things have taken a backseat. This is why today's modern home has fewer material possessions than others.

Take advantage of this minimalism trend and don't overcrowd your home. Fill it with a few statement pieces as well as your bare necessities in order to give it character and give a feel of an open plan home. The below loft in  Jumeirah Beach Residence has so much character! 

2. Use Your Lights To Your Advantage

A very simple rule, which requires a bit of investment. Identify the main lighting points of your home and start from there. A giant chandelier overlooking the hall, or some ambient bedroom and bathroom lighting could make all the difference. You can even spend on little details such as side table lamps. 

In a contrast, try to bring hygge to your home, by opting for lights such as candles, vintage Edison bulbs, Danish lighting fixtures (Louis Poulsen is a Luxhabitat favourite). If you prefer another light, use warm-white LED and incandescent lights with a dimmer to create a soft atmosphere or use bulbs with low lumen numbers. Hygge homes shy away from the ceiling light factor, more often people use table lamps and other sources of lighting to bring bigger warmth to the home.

3. Bring The Outdoors In

Try to make sure your home blends with the outdoors. If you have a home with plenty of floor to ceiling windows or several balconies, you've already won half the battle. Make sure that your outdoor spaces has atleast some plants that are low maintenance and can withstand Dubai's harsh summers.You can swing by Al Quoz's Dubai Garden Centre to get them at a reasonable rate. Some well-placed succulents are also on trend currently. Centrepieces or your consoles should ideally have a vase of fresh flowers. 

4. Make A Few Curtain Calls

The right blinds and curtains can have a big impact on your overall home. Opt for curtains and blinds that could be automatically closed and opened by the hit of a remote. Pick silks, damasks, and linen as choices to create a luxe look. 

5. Add A Few Extra Touches

A statement throw here, a pillow there. If you layer up your decor, then you're more likely to give your home a regal feel. Opt for that complete quill set and those goose feather pillows. Consider going for a home with a big bedroom so you can add quite a few extra touches to it. 

The bathroom tub could be upgraded to make it jacuzzi style as well. Installing a home automation system could also upgrade your home to a large extent, while keeping it safe. Add in some luxuriant soap, soft towels, and bath salts.