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See things in a different light with these Louis Poulsen lamps.

Words by Aneesha Rai in Design & Architecture · May 4th, 2015

Picking the reading lamp for your desk creates a desired condusive atmosphere for work. Whether you would like to read your favourite book on your bedside or are working on your latest project in your study, Luxhabitat’s two featured products offer utility for both scenarios with panache. 

Uncompromised by style, the AJ Table was first designed by Denmark-raised Arne Jacobsen who commissioned a project for the Radisson hotel in Copenhagen. The design has now become iconic, with the piece featuring in several eminent facilities worldwide. An ideal desk lamp, it offers glare-free light. Its design makes the fixture easy to move and adjust and makes it a point to emulate the contemporary. Sleek and minimalistic, five new colour variants were introduced in connection with the 50th anniversary of the launch of the AJ family, carefully chosen in line with an updated Arne Jacobsen colour scheme. 

The PH 2/1 Table on the other hand, appears almost art-deco influenced from the 1920s. Perfect as a bedside light or to create a more informal setting, this design is a class apart. Using it intelligently will help your room receive the get-up it deserves, rather than having only one or two sources of light that might throw off the overall appearance of the room. This fixture provides soft lighting and is designed on the basis of a reflecting multi-shade system. Exuding harmonious and glare-free lighting, the design is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the centre of the light source placed in the spiral’s focal point. The finishing is of white mouth blown opal glass, with high lustre chrome plates attached. This fixture is also touted as an energy saving alternative light source. Strucurally striking, the shades correspond to an exact ratio of 3:2:1, with each shade decreasing the amount of light. The design was devised by the late Poul Henningsen, a famous Danish architect that spent his whole career at Louis Poulsen. Available now in a new copper limited edition, which allows it to develop a patina in order to retain its rustic element, the PH 2/1 Table is a contemporary delight to have in any home.

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