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The Space: SĀN Beach


Dubai's latest beach destination offers impeccable design and a promising retreat

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Sep 16th, 2022

Tucked into The Club at West Palm Beach on the Palm Jumeirah, SĀN Beach offers you a soothing space by the sea to disconnect, energize and recharge one's self before going back to fast-paced Dubai life. Properties situated on West Palm Beach include Palme Couture, FIVE, and One Palm. The stunning textures and dulcet tunes encourage you to relax and unwind. We speak to the CEO of Food Fund International, Johnny Tomazos on carefully curating and culminating the space.

Johnny: When first conceptualising SĀN, we wanted to be different from any other beach club in Dubai. Our aim was to create a spa-like retreat in the midst of the concrete jungle, where guests can spend the day escaping it all.

Inspired by Africa’s first people and their greatest lesson: how one affects the other, SĀN Beach’s soul-settling décor and open-plan spaces create an interior like no other. The San are known as the first people of the Southern African area, who believe in invisible energy, accessed through ritual, very often powerful, shamanic trance dances. This vibrational energy was alive, always acting as a force for good, a vibe SĀN Beach has recreated through our interiors.

SAN BEACH luxhabitat
SAN beach luxhabitat

Johnny: The entire venue is open plan, with no walls to create blockages. This design was carefully considered, illustrating the disallowance of obstruction regarding the calm energy freely flowing around the venue. The colour palette chosen pays homage to Africa. From rich oranges to represent the soil and earthy beiges to mirror the clay to pale greens showcasing the earth and deep yellows radiating the sun. No colour is infused without meaningful connection, highlighting SĀN Beach’s dedication to honoring its background inspiration.

Throughout SAN, you can find topography lines on the floor, radiating outwards, symbolising the invisible energy from each interaction/ ritual that takes place at SĀN, enabling connections between guests. From performance and philosophy to body and mind work, and especially the food, because we believe that energy starts at the table.

We hope to create a resonance, like when one rings a bell and it is heard for a long time. The experience that we create through our greetings, our food, our activations, and every interaction with each other and each of our visitors. By doing so, we honour the San people and honour our visitors. We create a more giving, equal, respectful greater community centered around health, wellness, and happiness.


Johnny: As you know, Palm Jumeirah is one of the world’s most daring developments and a haven for both vacationers and residents. We chose to situate SĀN on the Palm Jumeirah as it is a welcomed retreat from the city, much like our beach club. Palm West Beach, where SĀN is located, has become a booming destination for both culinary and lifestyle experiences, and we wanted to be a part of that! I think that it will be one of Dubai’s hottest spots for many years to come, and there are new venues launching there all year round. We are located in a new development named ‘The Club’, situated at the end of Palm West Beach, and we adore the venue so much, that we plan to open another concept above SĀN very soon.

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