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The Menu: A refreshing summer mocktail by Erika Doyle

Erika Doyle, Drink Dry

The founder of Drink Dry shares a favorite summer mocktail at her sublime home in Arabian Ranches

Words by Aneesha Rai in The Lifestyle · Apr 29th, 2022

In this edition of 'The Menu', Erika Doyle, Founder of Drink Dry talks about how she found a gap in the market for interesting non-alcoholic alternatives and how she pursues a healthy lifestyle at home here in Dubai. She also shares a refreshing summer mocktail perfect for all occasions from her home in the Arabian Ranches

Erika: My professional background is in fact politics. I worked in Whitehall in London and also at the Lithuanian Embassy in London. My husband owns a drinks business here in Dubai so it has always kind of been there in the background. I gave up alcohol back in 2015 when we were trying to start a family. It was a very fortunate time to do that because a lot of well regarded, non alcoholic drinks alternatives were coming into the market in the UK so I did not feel left out or felt like I was missing anything. When we moved to Dubai in 2019, it was like travelling back in time – there were no sophisticated non alcoholic drinks available for a non drinking adult so I took action into my own hands and decided to bring the Zero Alcohol Movement to the UAE by founding Drink Dry, and most importantly, allowing the consumers to order the drinks directly for home deliveries.

Erika: Everything in moderation is my motto! We eat everything in our house and I encourage my girls to be open to trying all sorts of foods. I am not against chocolate or ice creams but in moderation! More than anything, I promote physical exercise. I work out with a personal trainer at home twice a week and go running at least once a week, it is an integral part of keeping your mind and soul healthy. 

Erika: The recipe I'm sharing with you is refreshing, sophisticated and alcohol free! I like simple recipes that are easy to make especially if you have a large crowd to entertain.

Erika's Summer Mocktail Recipe (Serves 1)

summer mocktail


50ml Crossip Pure Hibiscus Non Alcoholic Spirit

100 ml (or as needed) Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited Edition alcohol free sparkling wine

A large wine goblet

A lemon wedge

4-5 raspberries & blueberries for garnish

Summer mocktail
Pour summer mocktail
summer mocktail
Pour summer mocktail
summer mocktail


Take a large wine goblet, add a generous amount of ice, add 50ml Crossip Pure Hibiscus Non Alcoholic Spirit, and top it up with Vintense Cuvee Prestige Limited Edition alcohol free sparkling wine. Add a squeeze of lemon and garnish it with raspberries and blueberries. It is an absolute crowd pleaser, tried and tested!